Because it takes GUTS to
grow a global business ...
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ATTENTION Business Owners!
Are you tired of listening to people telling you they can help you grow your business when THEY haven't even grown their own? It's time to get rid of "THE PRETENDERS" and get the REAL DEAL on how to grow your business globally.

"I can help you breakout of the daily rut, grow a global business, and make record profits, because I have been there, done that myself."

Here's your chance to spend three hours with me as I share with you what I did to grow my business globally. My company ActionCOACH is in more than 50 countries and I want to show you how I did it so you can do it too.

You are invited to Brad Sugars Uncensored that can immediately give you real tangible strategies on how to grow your business GLOBALLY and build REAL wealth for yourself!

You see, when I started my company from a small garage in Brisbane, I knew one thing: my business coaching business had tremendous potential to help more people than I could possible help in a small city in the Southern Hemisphere.

I knew I had to think BIGGER, act LARGER, really TRANSFORM the way I made decisions ... I had to learn how to get out of my own way and MAN UP before I could take my business all over the world.

That’s how I did it and I want to teach you how to do it too.

How can anyone prescribe business strategies and methods if they haven’t done it themselves?

You need to know how it feels to be under a heavy load, push yourself to the limits, and to know how it feels when you actually do it! I have gone through the pressures, become the person I had to and achieved my vision.

And before actually making it, I have trained rigorously to get to where I am today.

The more I trained myself, the more training tips and cues I accumulated in my locker and now I want to reveal what it takes.

Would you rather listen to and take tips from someone who hasn’t done it himself?

“When I share a strategy or an idea with you, I can not only say, “this worked for me” but also “this worked for me time and again.”

Think about it... How many people can back their business advice like I can?

Who better to learn what it takes to build a global business than from me...

And here's why...

I have personally dedicated myself to helping business owners succeed. I do this by delivering webinars and educational programs, and writing books.

There are a lot of business speakers out there who deliver a great presentation. But there's NO MEAT in their game.

They haven't built global organisations, yet they claim to know all about this stuff and present seminars on this subject.

I'm part of the minority here –one who has actually built a global organisation in more than 50 countries –and that too from the ground up.

While this is no easy feat, it takes friggin' hard work and I know if you follow the exact same strategies I used, you will clearly outdo yourself.

I don't just teach theory. All of my business teaching is based on my own personal experience owning all or part of 50 businesses in my 20+ years of experience running companies and investing.

You see, I'm passionate about helping others learn how to be successful in their own businesses and investments.

I believe in ABUNDANCE and firmly believe there is plenty of wealth to go around.

Authoring books has been another rewarding way for me to share my knowledge with others. I've authored 15 books on business and investing, with 4 international best sellers.

I put my OWN real-life experiences, successes and failures in everything I write about so you can learn from my experiences.

I also like to use the stories of business owners I have PERSONALLY coached over the years to deliver SOLID lessons in business strategies.

I want to teach you the exact same strategies I used for my own businesses.

This is YOUR opportunity to spend three hours with me on how to create both income and wealth for yourself and grow your business beyond the “small” boundaries you've marked for yourself.

You see I travel the world doing these seminars.

I have been doing this for over two decades now and have presented my proven systems, methods and wealth creation strategies to tens of thousands of business owners around the world.

And I have made a MASSIVE difference in their business and lives.

I've been able to help thousands like you work fewer hours, and make more money than they have ever made before.

I helped them do this by sharing my own systems, formulae and wealth creation strategies so they could replicate them successfully.

While these systems are guaranteed to produce RESULTS, the one thing you absolutely NEED to implement these was amiss.

It will be like nothing you've seen or heard before.

Let me set the record straight ...

I will be tough with you. (Hey, business is tough!)

I will make you think

I will make you uncomfortable.

I will even knock the chair from underneath you.

Yes, I will stretch the boundaries of decency to their breaking point.

And I will be absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC in doing so.


This is a NO HOLDS Barred seminar - unlike anything you've ever been to before.

It's time you hear it like it is - I have just ONE goal in mind - and that is to help you do what it takes to succeed in business!

So if you've been working ridiculous hours 6-7 days a week for some time now, you should have built a MASSIVE enterprise that runs on its own. Put simply, you shouldn't need to work in your business anymore.

And if that's not happening, then something is radically wrong and YOU need to FIX it now.

This is the whole point of my seminar. I will help you do what it takes to grow a global business that works without you.

And believe me; it doesn't take just hard work to do this. It takes some serious GUTS!


Then I'll build you back up so you can turn your business around!

I have a mouth on me and I say it like it is. No Holds Barred.

I started my own career as a business coach over 20 years ago when this was a little-known industry.

While I was still in my twenties, I was known as the "Turnaround Kid" because I was bloody successful buying struggling companies, making them run smoothly with a profit and then selling them for GIANT profits.

That's how I made millions and was able to retire financially when I was just twenty-six.

And now I want to show you how you can do it too ...

What one thing determines your success in business more than any other single factor?

Is it the quality of your product or service, or your people, or trust, or competitive prices, or availability, or profitability, or the number of customers who return to do business with you again?

Yes, it is all that but the biggest factor that determines your success in the marketplace is one that is hardly ever written or spoken about ... and over two decades and thousands of seminars later, I'm going to tell you THE one thing it takes to succeed in business.

And that is ... GUTS!

Yes, it's that simple!

You may call it 'courage' or 'determination' call it what you want... I’m calling it

Brad Sugars Uncensored!

Do you feel like you’re working your arse off in your business and not growing it the way it should ...?

Are you stuck in your business day in and day out –not being able to do the things you’d like to do...?

Do you wonder how you can get bankers to lend you the money you need?

Are your employees driving you nuts?

Do you often hear yourself say: “I used to love my business when I first started, but now I feel trapped."

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you bloody well read every single word on this page.

And here's why...

I am going to show you how to stop accepting all this crap so you can build the business you've been working your arse off for.

I am going to show you how to build a business that runs WITHOUT you, a business that's GLOBAL, a business with STRONG LEADERSHIP –I will take you by your hand and show you EVERYTHING from what it takes and how YOU can do it yourself.

NO FLUFF. Real strategies. I'll show you how to use my proven methods to develop the strategies and the mindset to actually do the shit you need to do.

In fact, I am going to teach you the same strategies I used to build a global organisation in more than 50 countries so you can easily REPLICATE them in your own business.

I will give you the BLUEPRINT (the real deal) and hold you by your hand to show you how you too can do it.

I mean, think about it: I built a global organisation from my parent's garage in Brisbane and took it global. I'm sure you'll agree I know a thing or two about this stuff! And now I want to come visit you in your neck of the woods and show you how you too can build a great, global company! And I will do it at absolutely NO CHARGE.

Now only an idiot would miss out on a FREE event that can change the face of his business.

But before you hit the registration button, let me make one thing clear: I will not accept any of that mediocre garbage -“You're not alone. This is what business ownership is supposed to look like.”

And if that's what you want to hear, this seminar is NOT for you.

Yes, I know you've heard that BS WAY too long and you will certainly NOT hear it from me.

This will be a HARD-HITTING, NO-NONSENSE SEMINAR, packed with the BRUTAL TRUTH about making big money and taking your business places.

During this information-packed seminar, I am going to give you a shit load of proven, tested materials GUARANTEED to help your business grow.

Why Uncensored?

Here's why I'm going to be bold enough to tell you like it is...

I know something about you.

You made the decision to become a business owner, and that my friend, takes courage. It takes serious guts!

You took the risk, you made the sacrifices and you've definitely built something good.

But somewhere along the line, you got too busy working and went back to becoming an employee –without even knowing it. You defeated the very purpose you started the business in the first place.

Almost every student I have shown how to become rich has already read a bunch of books, been to all the seminars and essentially learned WHAT to do ... yet they still don't take MASSIVE action ...

And I'm about to change all that with Brad Sugars Uncensored.

I will get you to act. I will get you to take the most important first steps and get those deals happening.

You need someone to show you not only what to do but how to do it. You need me or someone like me to show you the possibilities and how you can achieve goals- lofty goals!

I can't wait to meet you.

And the best part is: I'm presenting Brad Sugars Uncensored completely FREE! Since I'm super education focused, I also have a whole bunch of great materials I'm giving away just for registering. More about those BONUS materials at the end of this page...

Business growth is the result of taking action steps. It's that simple!

This is what you need to understand:

1. This seminar is about you and your business...

2. It's about growing your business and grabbing opportunities...

3. Money and metrics...

4. Robust leadership: You are the captain of the ship ...

5. It's about the people...

6. Marketing and selling...

7. Operations and processes...

8. Being bankable...

9. Action for growth...

10. My own wealth creation secrets...

11. And most importantly this is about how to think BIG, think GLOBAL, and what it takes to build a world-class organisation from someone who has actually done it himself.

Step 1 IncomeRICH

Learn how to build a solid cashflow, be it from a highly paid job or preferably, from a great business of your own.

Step 2 AssetRICH

Here's where we start to back up your cashflow with some serious hard assets. I stress: it's cashflow first, assets second ...

Step 3 PaperRICH

At this step, instead of buying real estate, you'll start developing properties. Instead of buying companies you'll start trading paper, licenses, franchises, shares, IPO's and the like ...

This information alone should be enough to get you to my event.


At Brad Sugars UNCENSORED, you'll discover ...

1. How to find customers and keep them coming for more ...

2. My little known SECRETS on how you can get financing for your business ...

3. How to develop a ROBUST business strategy and update it regularly ...

4. Recruiting and training your DREAM TEAM ...

5. How to succeed in any economic climate. I successfully franchised my business in the Far East in the middle of their worst downturn. So let me share some of this great stuff with you ...

6. How to buy, sell and turn around businesses for MASSIVE profits ...

7. My own wealth creation strategies –this alone is reason enough to get you to my event ...

8. And much more ....

Trust me, you DO NOT need more reasons to register and attend this event but let throw some more at you ...

Network like a ROCKSTAR at Brad Sugars Uncensored ...

When you enter a room full of business owners like yourself, you will see GREAT opportunities everywhere...

1. You will see potential opportunities to partner and develop new business initiatives.

2. You could potentially contract to buy each other's products and services.

3. Provide business referrals for potential customers and/or suppliers.

4. And much more...

Spending too much time on day-to-day activities in your business?

I will show you how to cut that time into half.

You've got to get this straight: you are an entrepreneur! So stop wearing all those hats! Just stop it!

I'll show you how you can free up your time, so you are able to double the time you spend working ON your business strategy. I'll show you how to increase the time you spend on sales while decreasing the time spent on financial activities.

I will focus on the actions you must take to go global

  • You will see an increased use of income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and budgets. It is not unusual for me to get emails and letters from my audience reporting a greater understanding and use of financial statements for decision making.

  • You will be on a roll launching more products and services, whilst improving the quality of your existing products and services as you open your minds to multiple streams of income generation.

  • You will increase your marketing activities and test and measure every single campaign. In short, you will know your numbers and I'll show you simple ways of doing just that.

  • Your employees will have an increased sense of inclusion and therefore, enhanced motivation and spirits. You will become a MAGNET for great employees as you begin using my tested strategies for recruiting and retaining great employees.

  • Announcing the World's First Brad Sugars Uncensored Event

    At my UNCENSORED, in your face event, you'll discover ...

    1. How to find customers and keep them coming for more ...

    2. My little known SECRETS on how you can get financing for your business ...

    3. How to develop a ROBUST business strategy and update it regularly ...

    4. Recruiting and training your DREAM TEAM ...

    5. How to succeed in any economic climate. I successfully franchised my business in the Far East in the middle of their worst downturn.

    6. How to buy, sell and turn around businesses for MASSIVE profits ...

    7. My own wealth creation strategies –this alone is reason enough to get you to my event.

    8. And much more ....

    In short, you will learn everything you need to take your business places!

    This is how I will change your lives... I will kick your butt so you get back to your business and begin implementing all these strategies. This is what your life will look like:

    1. You'll enjoy a more balanced lifestyle and spend more quality time with your loved ones, thereby strengthening your personal relationships - just like I have.

    Your business will be doing all the work for you so you can have the income to enjoy a great life.

    2. You'll be able to check off the items on your bucket list (gathering dust in some forgotten corner of your life) and add new, exciting stuff to it.

    3. You will enjoy traveling to all the places you wanted to. Because your business is global, you could be working away on your laptop at an exotic beach resort.

    4. You'll be able to focus your time and energy on GROWING your business. Because you now have a team you delegate all those tasks to and free up your time.

    Yes, all this is possible when you discover and implement everything you learn after three hours of uncensored business re-education.

    I can say this because this is what my life looks like and now yours can too.

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    The Business Edge online magazine is your gateway to the world of business. Stay abreast with the major developments in the field of business with this insightful magazine, which provides you with all the hot trends, business events and inspiring interviews with business greats.

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    Bonus #3 for Registering

    Instant Flyers e-BOOK: Learn how to create flyers that will get everyone's attention and make you money at the same time!

    Register and get your free copy NOW!

    From my eBook Instant Flyers you will learn ...

  • Exactly how to put together effective flyers that get read and acted upon
  • How to pinpoint your target market
  • How to write killer headlines
  • How to create a good offer with a high response rate
  • A selection of strategies to get you started
  • The importance of measuring the results
  • BONUS #4 for Registering

    Instant Referral Strategies eBook: Turn your customers into a force of motivated, passionate sales people...

    Here's what you will learn from my eBook Instant Referrals:

  • What it takes and the strategies you need to adopt to stimulate loads of referrals ...
  • What a referral strategy is and how it can benefit your business ...
  • The elements that make a successful referral strategy ...
  • The types of customers you want referred to your business ...
  • The 5 Steps to creating a killer referral strategy ...
  • How you are going to encourage referrals to your business...

    You are about to witness a cash windfall.

    So what are you waiting for ..?

    Register NOW and get to my event plus GRAB your FREE, VALUABLE business tools when you register for Brad Sugars Uncensored -at absolutely No Charge or Obligation to you.


    Make sure you take great notes at the event!

    P.S. Spend three hours with me as I condense everything I've learnt about growing a global organisation, so you can turn your business into a lean, mean cash flow making machine that works without you.

    P.P.S. If you know someone interested in sky rocketing their business, please feel free to share this page with them. I would love to meet them too.

    P.P.P.S. Be warned, this event is not for the faint hearted. I want you to get RESULTS so I will be tough and incredibly direct. You owe it to yourself, your business, and your family to attend Brad Sugars Uncensored.